Designed to work with humans

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Collaborative Mobile Robots

Robots capable of learning from humans in real-time
Natural Navigation
Human Feedback Control
Modular Attachments
Constantly Learning
Ease of Programming

Operators with no experience can reprogram the robots in 1-2 hrs.

Flexible Automation

Capable of performing multiple tasks like internal material logistics, package sorting, visual inspection, etc.

Collaborative & Safe

Completely safe to work along with humans with 0% investment required in safety infrastructure.

Our Solution

Breaking the barriers to enhance efficiency and human productivity

Whether it’s the automobile, semiconductor, or pharmaceutical industry, on-time delivery of goods from one station to another is key to productivity. Our collaborative robots are capable of working in unstructured environments along with humans to ensure the on-time delivery of goods.


With the boom in the global eCommerce sector, warehouses and fulfillment centers have to process thousands of packages every single day. Peer Robotics provide flexible robots for assisted picking and package sorting solutions.


The healthcare sector has always been a manual labor intensive sector. With aging population, the healthcare sector is going to face an acute shortage of professionals. Peer Robotics provide collaborative assistant robots capable of providing routine checkups along with personalized care for healthcare & hospitality sectors.


Systems approach to create next generation of robots
Tech 1

With integrated engineering deep rooted in Peer Robotics, we design our own custom hardware & software to empower our collaborative algorithms.

Tech 3
Tech 4

Our Team

Meet the humans behind the robots
  • Rishabh
    Rishabh LinkedIn
  • Tanya
    Tanya LinkedIn
  • Alok
    VP of Engineering
    Alok LinkedIn
  • Ananth
    Mechanical Design Engineer
    Ananth LinkedIn
  • Gaurav
    Electrical Systems Engineer
    Gaurav LinkedIn
  • Krishnan
    Embedded Systems Engineer
    Krishnan LinkedIn
  • Shashwat
    Robotics Firmware Engineer
    Shashwat LinkedIn
  • Piyush
    Robotics Firmware Engineer
    Piyush LinkedIn
  • Sukhbir
    Mechanical Design Intern
    Sukhbir LinkedIn
  • Shrijit
    Robotics Firmware Intern
    Shrijit LinkedIn